Going smoke free really is a small change for the better.


Protecting your tenants from an invisible killer.

It is a common belief that what one does in his or her own home, stays there. Unfortunately, this is not the case. By testing the movement of air in multi-unit housing, we know that cigarette smoke can travel from one person's home and into another. Since there is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke, one person's cigarette can actually harm everyone else in the building. Adopting a smoke-free policy for the property you own is the right thing to do for everyone involved. For more helpful tips see Landlord Resources

Going smoke free saves money.

There are plenty of financial gains to going smoke-free. The rental turnover cost savings alone speak for themselves.

The Monetary Impact

Costs to Rehabilitate a Unit Where Smoking is Prohibited vs. a Unit Where Smoking is Allowed.

  Non-Smoking Light Smoking Heavy Smoking
General Cleaning $240 $500 $720
Paint $170 $225 $480
Flooring $50 $950 $1,425
Appliances $60 $75 $490
Bathroom $40 $60 $400
TOTAL $560 $1,810 $3,515
Data reflects surveys from housing authorities and subsidized housing facilities in New England.
Collected and reported by Smoke-Free Housing New England 2009.

Smoke-free living is preferred by renters.

Smoke-free rental properties are very much in demand. By offering this feature, you can attract a larger pool of prospective tenants. Live smoke-free RI's Proud to be Smoke-free Toolkits contain information about most cost-saving benefits and detail exactly how you can get started.